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Ну вот что-то такое получилось
Modified version of the 7zip SFX module:

Configuration file:

Sets an extraction path. Environment variables (%SYSTEMDRIVE%, %PROGRAMFILES% etc.) are allowed, and will be replaced by their expanded values.
If you specify this parameter then 'RunProgram' is not required, all files will be simply extracted into that folder. If you specify 'RunProgram' – it will be executed.
Extraction folder will be NOT deleted at the end.

Where x= 1 or 2 (always in double quotes, i.e. GUIMode="2")
1 – hide "Cancel" button (and “Close” button in the title bar), show extraction progress.
2 – do not show extraction dialog (silent mode)
This parameter can be overridden from the command line by specifying -gmX (see below)

AUTOMATED installation mode, will be invoked if you:
1. Specify an "-ai" command line parameter (see below)
2. Click "Yes" in 'BeginPrompt' dialog (if it was specified) WHILE HOLDING Shift BUTTON.
That means that there are two modes – the usual 'RunProgram' mode and automated 'AutoInstall' mode. If you didn’t do anything mentioned above - 'RunProgram' will be used as a default.

Allows setting an extraction window title, i.e. instead of "Extracting" - something like "Preparing to install" may be specified (do not forget about UTF-8)

There is also two new command line parameters:

-gmX – sets GUI-mode, where X:
0 – standard mode (native 7Zip dialogs, with "Cancel" and "Close" buttons).
1 – hides "Cancel" button (and "Close" button in the dialog title bar), shows extraction progress.
2 – hides the extraction dialog completely (i.e. silent mode).
This command line parameter OVERRIDES GUIMode specified in the configuration file.

-ai – automated installation
Specifies that configuration file 'AutoInstall' parameter will be used instead of 'RunProgram'.
If 'AutoInstall' is not specified – this command line parameter will be ignored.

Currently you cannot yet use environment variables in 'RunProgram' and 'AutoInstall'. This is a TODO.

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