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Smorvel, модель камеры сообщите?
Драйвер какой версии?

I was having the same problem - webcam working with desktop apps and web (Skype for desktop, testwebcam.com) but not the Metro apps (Camera, Skype Metro).
I checked to be sure that my webcam driver was updated, and the most recent version was being used.
After spending over 2 hours with Microsoft Tech Support, my webcam still wasn't working in Metro.

I decided to start from square one. I went to Device Manager, found my webcam (under Imaging Devices), right-clicked and uninstalled (with the check box marked next to Delete the driver software for this device). I restarted my computer, and without re-installing any drivers, tested my webcam. It now works fine in both legacy desktop and Metro apps. Apparently the Metro apps prefer the general webcam driver Windows found and used as opposed to the manufacturer driver.. at least for now.

Отправлено: 09:04, 05-09-2013 | #2